Monday, May 22, 2017

Farmers & Motorists: Slow Moving Vehicle Reminder


As the weather continues to warm up and farmers head out to their fields, farmers are encouraged to carefully check their signage and lighting when operating equipment on public roads to avoid accidents.

Farmers can stay safe and visible during road travel with farm equipment by doing the following:

•Use reflective strips to show the size of farm equipment

•Use flashers and turn signals

•Use the SMV (Slow Moving Vehicle) Emblem

•Each piece of agricultural equipment, whether self propelled or used in combination, shall separately display a slow-moving vehicle emblem

•Replace an SMV emblem that becomes dirty, broken or faded; it is ineffective and illegal.

•Consider an escort vehicle if moving large equipment on the road

•Pull over, when safe, to allow motorists to pass (do not flag motorist around you)


Motorist that encounter farm machinery on roadways can stay safe by doing the following:

•Be alert for agricultural equipment with SMV emblems, reflectors, or flashing lights 

•Slow down when you see an SMV sign

•Be careful when trying to pass equipment, and pass with caution

•Be aware of possible left-sided turns into fields. 


Farmers can read more about the proper usage of the slow moving vehicle sign/emblem and other important information from the New York Farm Bureau by clicking here.

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