Thursday, November 14, 2013

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Is anyone else terrified of the Black Friday festivities that are about to commence? I have heard that some people turn selfish and greedy during the shopping process. I decided to attend Black Friday a few years ago because there was a bargain I just HAD TO HAVE.  Even though I was well aware that it is known as the busiest shopping day of the year.  I was faced with elbow to elbow crowds in every store and mall I dared to venture in.   I saw people pushing, shoving, even grabbing... it was horrible.

I promised myself I will never brave Black Friday shopping again. This year the stores will be open for early savings on Thanksgiving as well.  I think that is going too far.  It is mostly the large chains of retail stores that have decided to open, like Walmart, Target etc.  They will reap the rewards by getting some extra revenue they were not able to collect in prior years.  The employees will really suffer, instead of enjoying a day off with their families they most likely are being forced to work.  Cyber Monday offers a safer, more civil shopping experience that can be enjoyed from home, local coffee shop, or any other place with internet. Today’s infographic offers some interesting stories and information about Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Good luck to all you brave shoppers out there, get those deals and stay strong!

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