Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Have you ever been victim to a frivolous lawsuit?

Did you know that included in many insurance policies is liability coverage.  There are many different types of policies and liability coverage.  Your homeowner or renters policy usually provides personal liability.  This type of liability is very broad and covers "you" anywhere.  Most people think that the liability coverage provided on this type of policy only protects you if someone gets hurt on the property.  Actually, it is much broader than that.   This is the type of liability coverage I am going to focus on today.  Here is some more specific information, in hopefully easy to understand language:

Personal Liability:  Found on  your homeowners or renters policy.  You must read your specific policy language for specifics of what is covered or not covered.  Who is covered is also defined in your policy language.  However, in most cases "YOU" are a named insured and any resident relatives.  Also, in most cases the policy language states that they will pay all sums up to the amount shown on the declaration page which anyone we protect becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of a personal injury or property damage resulting from an occurrence during the policy period.  

A good example is if you are in the supermarket and you accidentally hit someone or perhaps their vehicle with your shopping cart.  If you are sued, your insurance company will hire and attorney, investigate, and if necessary go to court and pay any claims up to the limit on your policy.

If your son or daughter, who lives with you, is playing in the yard and accidentally knocks a ball through a window - a neighbors house or car, again you will be protected.

Here is the most important thing I want you to know about this insurance coverage and the least known:

Personal liability coverage is the LEAST expensive coverage on  your policy. Often times $100,000 worth of coverage is automatically included in your premium. Did you know that usually for $20-$30 approximately more a year you can make that $1,000,000.  

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