Monday, November 18, 2013

Why Insurance Agents Worry About Their Clients..Road Trips

As the holiday season approaches more and more individuals and families will be hitting the highway traveling to visit family and friends.  We want to make sure you take every precaution to stay safe while traveling near and far. 

There is some basic maintenance that should be done to your vehicle to be sure it gets you to and from where you need to be.  Like checking your battery, oil, coolant and other fluid levels.  Check your tire pressure, air filter, and be sure you have a spare tire. Most importantly, get those repairs done if needed. You may think this is silly but when loading in any potential passengers and all the extra belongings you should also check your vehicles load capacity.

There are some things  you need to do to be sure you have everything you need.  Make sure your latest insurance Identification Card contains accurate information and is located in your glove box with a copy of your registration.  We normally give our insurance handy plastic holders to keep these important documents in. It also lists our contact number on the back in case you need to reach us on the road.  You should also make a quick call to be sure you know what coverages you have, like towing, rental reimbursement and in some cases trip interruption. 

Lastly there should be some things you should have on hand in the event of an emergency. Buy a road atlas or map, GPS or cell phone technology is great when they work.  Have a backup plan just in case.  Be sure your electronic devices are fully charged, like your GPS or cell phone.  A GPS may help so that you are aware of any detours.  Buy snacks, bottled water and a first aid kit, including any regular medications.  You should also have a blanket during this time of year.

 Here is an infographic for easy visual reference about the things I mentioned an a pre-filled list for easy packing!  Have a safe trip, a fun holiday and most importantly feel free to contact us with questions.




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