Monday, December 2, 2013

Why Insurance Agents Worry About Their Clients..Stress


 The holidays are suppose to be a joyous time.  However every year during the holiday especially on Black Friday we hear about violence when shopping.  This can be prevented.  There is really no need to trample or hurt someone just so you can get the best bargain. So today I am going to offer up some stress relieving techniques.  Some of these I have to practice daily! 

Here are some  of my favorite:

1) Count to 10:  This may seem silly but it really works.  Don't worry about what people around you are thinking.  If you find yourself in a stressful situation and feel like you are about to loose your cool, stop right where you are.  Close your eyes, (pull over if your driving) and slowly count to ten. 

2) Breathe in - Breathe Out:  Similar to what I stated above incorporating this breathing technique into the count to ten process will really help. Literally say it out loud.. Breath in (and take a nice slow deep breath through your nose,  then say Breathe Out and slowly breathe out through your mouth.  Do this several times and you will start to feel your body relax.

3) Talk to yourself:  If you are like me, I do this daily. Most of the time it is inside my own head.  It can be very beneficial to say it out loud.  If you are in the car and you start getting stressed.  You can use the Breathe in Breathe out technique - just don't close your eyes!  Or simply talk yourself out of the stressful moment.  Say out loud "OK I can feel myself getting stressed, it will be OK, in a few minutes or seconds this will be over, relax".

4) Listen to music:  I definitely do not recommend listening to hard rock or heavy metal during stressful times, but it is your own personal choice.  Music has been proven to have a very calming effect and can bring you peace.  I actually have a classical music station pre-programmed in my vehicle so if I am stuck in traffic or facing aggressive drivers I can listen to a little music and bring myself right out of it.

5) Think about a happy place:  When you are not faced with a stressful situation, stop and think about the place that you were the happiest.  Really visualize this place, picture every detail, even try to imagine the smell associated with it or sounds.  You should practice visualizing this place and then when faced with a stressful situation you can transport yourself there.

There are several long term strategies as well, if you find your self stressed nervous or anxious on a regular basis you should definitely visit your doctor as soon as possible.  There are also a few good websites to check out.  The and The American Heart Association.

Sometimes Insurance can make people feel stressed too.  Let us help relieve some of the stress in your life making sure you and your family are protected.  Contact us with questions, for a free review of your current insurance or for a quote.


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