Thursday, December 12, 2013

Identity Theft Is Done By Experts

If your business is running through a wireless environment, please take this next story to heart:

A colleague of mine (who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons) had his business checking account emptied of over $170,000 in a single day because he was hacked.


But it wouldn't have happened if he weren't using wireless networking.

Hackers can intrude on to your network to distribute pirated material, which can be traced back to you and later used against you for expensive copyright infringement lawsuits.  

Besides the obvious risk of getting fleeced blind, there are other security risks with wireless routers:


  1. Outsiders use up your bandwidth downloading music and videos and reducing employee productivity and potential excess usage fees.
  2. Your reputation may be tarnished if an intruder uses your ISP as an access point to enter restricted government sites.
  3. Intruders are skilled at bypassing hardware firewall protection between a private connection and your broadband service leaving gaping access to your customer information, trade secrets, bank accounts, etc.
  4. Newer laptops may automatically connect to 'fake' networks that  rip off login identities and passwords.

Just like you know your business, identity thieves know theirs. And they're out to make a good living at our expense.

Find a professional IT security advisor, much like you have a lawyer for legal advice, an accountant for bookkeeping, and me for insurance!



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