Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Prepare for a Nor'easter

According to the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), nor'easters are most frequent from September through April.  Although they can occur anytime during the year.  Our area of the United States, the East Coast, are most susceptible to this weather phenomenon.  These storms can and often bring heavy snow, rain, strong winds, and can cause rough seas and flooding.

Many East Coast residents associate major flooding with hurricane season and need to be reminded that floods can happen any time during the year even winter months.  They are not just limited to coastal areas or to devastating tropical storms - they happen more often and in more locations than you realize.  In fact, floods are the most common natural disaster in the U.s.  

So what is your flood risk?  These scenarios can help you determine that. 

Snow Melt:  Heavy snowfall accumulates during the long winter months.  As spring approaches the snow melts while the ground is still frozen.  With no drainage and no ground absorbtion the snow melt turns into a slow flood.  Your home could be flooded and it could last up to a week or more.  

Flash Flood:  Many areas experienced this within the last year.  It often occurs when there is sudden heavy rain, in our area so much that the ground can not absorb any more and it runs off into nearby  streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers.  Which cause rushing water to carry deadly debris through your neigborhood. 

New Development:  A severe storm rolls in and heavy rains accumulate.  There is less land to absorb the rain because of the newly built structures.  The neiborhood quickly experiences a flood that may last only hours but cost thousands of dollars in damage.


Now that you have identified your risk... You can see how much it will cost you by using the Cost of Flooding tool.

Your standard homeowner policy does not cover the peril of flood.  You need a flood insurance policy. Flood insurance can be very inexpensive and may save you thousands of dollars as you can see from the tools provided above.

If you would like a FREE Flood quote at no cost or obligation to you, just give me a call or stop by one of our three locations.


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