Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is the 'named insured' correct on your policy?


Will you do me a small favor?

Can you check your policies to make sure the "named insured" is correctly listed?  It's not uncommon for businesses to change their legal status from a corporation to an LLC or vice-versa.

Or you may have added another owned entity.

Sometimes, we, as your insurance agent are the last to know. 

And it's vital that we have the named insured accurately stated on all your policies.  I don't want any delays or hassles from an insurance adjuster pointing our that your're not covered because the policy says your firm is a corporation when, in fact, it's an LLC.

The first named insured is important.  It's the entity that has the right to negotiate, endorse, receive company notices; and it has the obligation to pay premiums, and cooperate with audits and claims.

Keep in mind your insurance policy is a legal contract.  Accuracy and specificity are important.

If your not sure how the "named insured" reads on your policies, give us a call.


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