Friday, January 17, 2014

Wine and Food


Have you ever gone to a nice restaurant and thought you might like to order a glass of wine with dinner but didn't quite know which one to pick?  I have.  So today just for fun lets talk about that.  Let me just remind you, please don't drink and drive.

One of my favorite sites for blog ideas outside the insurance realm is  The recently released their top ten infographics from 2013 and this one made the cut.  It was number one to be exact.

Wine has been around for 6000+ years, it has many health benefits and people are encouraged to have one glass of wine a day.  My grandmother used to have wine at our holiday dinners - Manischewitz Concord Grape to be exact, that one didn't make this chart. I am pretty sure it was less than $5.00 for an entire gallon!! :-)  It is also one of the few products that can be left unopened on a shelf for 200 years and still be ingested!

So take a look at the chart below and make a few mental notes.  Think about what you typically order so that you can be savvy and order the proper type of wine at your next dinner out!  If you really like it, you can purchase this as a poster from

Most importantly, be responsible and enjoy!




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