Tuesday, January 28, 2014

10 Strange Ways To Stay Healthy

Cold and Flu season is here.  I have been fighting something myself for a couple of weeks now.  I am actually blogging from home today with a sick little one as well.

There are some tried and true tricks that I have learned in my 20+ years of parenting.  My youngest goes to a daycare center and is around several children and inevitably every winter it seems she comes home with a new cold or communicable disease.  

As soon she starts with the sniffles I immediately go into "hospital mode" sterilizing everything to be sure others in the home don't get it.  I also use Vicks Vapor Rub - but never directly on her skin - I usually slather it all over the chest  and shoulder area her onesie and then zip her up in her blanket sleeper to be sure it doesn't get in or near her hands or eyes.  

I also use a humidifier in the room and have the Vicks liquid that you use on the top and it evaporates into the air of the room.   Contrary to what you may be thinking Vicks is not currently a sponsor of this blog!  

I also elevate her crib mattress by placing a few children's books under each side of the head of her crib - it works great so the mattress is balanced on each side and I think subconsciously she is getting smarter if they are educational children's books.

So I thought today - seeing how illness is weighing heavily on my mind I would talk about ways to stay healthy!  Vitamins and minerals are old standbys but I turned to my favorite website to find an infographic and sure enough they have one!

Here are 10 not necessarily strange  ways to stay healthy: 




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