Friday, January 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday ...Fun Fact Friday

Yesterday was Throwback Thursday #TBT.  As I was posting my photo of me from the mid to late 1980's on my own personal social media site it transported me back in time to that era and had me thinking about all the innocent fun we had back then and how times have changed.  


I remember when I was very young one of my favorite toys was an electronic calculator.. when I was thinking about it yesterday I remembered it to be an owl but really it was a professor.  This was my first electronic game - addition, subtraction and multiplication quizes & games.  Little did I know it was educational too.  Do you remember the 1976 "Little Professor Calculator" by TI?

Then I really started reminiscing and thinking hmm.. what was next.. I think my next favorite electronic toy was Merlin by Parker Bros from 1978.  This used to play tic tac toe, mindbender, echo and others.. I used to play this for hours..trying to beat the computer at tic tac toe.  I'm a pro now in the written game too thanks to Merlin!

Next I graduated to Simon by Milton Bradley - also launched in 1978.  Again used to spend lots of time on this game. I used to play it with my friends too as I recall!  Simon would blink some lights and you had to repeat the pattern .. faster and more lights being added every round.  It was lots of fun.

I think then I moved on to video games.. The first one I think was Coleco a game called Venture and then I moved on to Atari and of course Super Nintendo.  I still have the Nintendo and my children have gotten to play this as well.  You can really see the advancement in graphics by looking back at these older video games vs. today's WII or Playstation.


Pictured from left to right:  Coleco video game cartridge, Atari, Nintendo, screen shot of Venture game by Coleco Vision.

There were other toys that kept me busy too that were not electronic (really) in nature. 

Perfection and Tomy Bowling game from the 1980's...

Lastly let me leave you with this fun information.. my favorite Rubik's Cube... I think I still have one of these lying around somewhere too.  I have taken the stickers off and re-positioned them but never had "beat" it on my own.  Here is the Rubik's daily info graphic that gives the solution!  So if you still have your Rubik's Cube and don't want the road map to completion.... don't scroll down!


Hopefully you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane... Feel free to comment and add your favorites!  :-)


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