Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day - February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day is a little over a week away.  Do you celebrate?  

Some say it is just a Hallmark holiday - created to increase revenue for the retail shops.  Actually, Valentine's Day originated in Ancient Rome as the 'fertility festival'.  It wasn't until the 1840's that the holiday evolved closer to what it is today, when Valentine's were mass produced and sold in the United States.

In 2012, adults in the U.S. were polled and 62% say they celebrate Valentine's Day, shelling out $448 million during the week before the big day.  

If you are going to gift someone flowers for Valentine's Day, be sure and follow the proper flower etiquette as well!   For example: Daisy's are known for providing cheer, and Lily's are popular flowers for a funeral, Forget-me-not's declare true love.  

Four out of five women have said they prefer getting flowers unexpectadly.  43% of Valentine Roses are Red - which means true love, yellow signifies friendship, and pink means grace, lavender - love at first sight, and black means death or I hate you.  Buying flowers requires more thought than you would 'think'!

I have attached the infographic  that shows several other "sweet" facts and numbers about the holiday.





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