Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Avoiding The Risk Of Home Office Injuries...



Here's a question you may not have thought about ... If one of your employee's is working at home and is injured, are you responsible?

Maybe, maybe not...  It would depend on individual circumstances.  For example, electrocution from a faulty cord on a computer you provided is a lot different than a slip and fall on the way to the bathroom.

As technology allows more and more work to be performed at home, it's a good idea to adopt safety expectations for your employees' home offices.

Here are some ideas...

* Temperature, noise, ventilation and lighting levels should be adequate.
* Electrical equipment should be free from hazards (e.g., frayed or exposed wires). Wiring and electrical cords should be secured and out of the way.
* The work area should be large enough to safely accommodate all equipment, wiring and so on without posing a risk of hazard to the employee.
* Hallways and doorways should be free from obstructions.
* The working environment should be free from clutter or materials that could create fire hazards.
* Floor surfaces should be clean and dry. Carpeting should be properly secured.
* There should be ample lighting for the work that the employee will be doing.
* The working area should be equipped with sufficient electrical outlets to accommodate all necessary equipment safely.
* Desks and chairs should be the appropriate size, height, etc., to provide comfort.
* Some organizations ask employees to sign a statement indicating that they will comply with the company's stated safety requirements; others even ask employees to bring in photos of their work areas indicating that they are in compliance with safety regulations.

I know you care about your employees which is why employee safety needs to be your concern even when they are working from home.

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