Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Facts About Bottled Water


I am from Rensselaer County originally and, according to tests, the county has one of the best tasting waters in NY.  Did you know in 2013 there was actually a water taste test conducted during the NYS Fair in Syracuse?  Maybe you participated?  Well, (no pun intended- ha hah), Rochester won that title for best tasting water in 2013.  The competition has been going strong for 27 years!  So look for it this year and you might be able to participate!

I personally like tap water, most of it anyway, but my daughter refuses.  So we do go through quite a bit of bottled water.  When my youngest daughter was still drinking from a bottle I used "special" bottled water specifically designed for babies.  After some research, it turns out alot of bottled water is just tap water after all.  

I came across this infographic from 2010 that gives the facts about bottled water.  According to research only about 60% of bottled water is not tap water.  Wow - talk about deceptive advertising...

So take a look at the information below and get the facts on bottled water... before you buy your next case of bottled water, maybe you should invest in a filter system or a pitcher with a filter.. at least then you know what your getting!

Even though most bottles are now recyclable, people have to participate too.  The information from 2010 said water bottles make up 3 billion pounds of waste.  So stop and think before you throw that empty water bottle away please.

Or just drink wine...I have a blog about that too!  



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