Thursday, February 27, 2014

You Can't Believe Everything You Read...on Facebook


Have you have joined the social media world and created a Facebook page?  We have one for the business and I have one personally as well.  Feel free to check out our Facebook page by clicking here.  

When you log in to Facebook you are brought to your news feed or home page.   There you can instantly browse what all your friends have been up to lately or what they are feeling and sharing.   Often times things whether true or not spread very quickly on Facebook - like gossip.  In the internet world gossip is now called "going viral".

Many of the stories you read on the social media sites are true, but some are not and its very hard to determine what's real and what's fake.   I encourage you if you have a Facebook to please check the validity of the story or image you choose to share before sharing it. 

I myself have been guilty of doing this.  A picture and news article showed up in my news feed about a formula recall from Enfamil and "Another infant death".  I had heard about something like this before shortly after my youngest daughter was born and thought "oh no, not again" and shared it without even reading the article.  Sure enough after I had shared it I clicked the article and it was from 2011!   Here I thought I was sharing some relevant news from today and it was 3 years old!

Other similar stories are and stories are still being shared and spread on social media sites when in fact the person has already been located.  In some cases it is not a happy ending and so sharing this story after the fact may have a negative impact on the person or persons family.  So please if you are going to share a story like that, take a minute to do an internet search for the persons name and see if they have been found before sharing.

The pictures of people holding up lottery tickets...offering to share millions of dollars with you if you 'like and share" their post...not true.  People actually get paid from you when you "like and share" the post.  People create social media 'pages', post images, quotes, contests etc. to get you to like the page and then when they get enough followers and likes they can sell that page to someone else and make LOTS of money.   So you "liked" the page - Fight animal abuse for example and they sell it to Support Terrorists you automatically "like" that page and unless you are paying attention you have no idea this happened.

Viruses are also spread this way.  Someone posts an image they know will grab an individuals attention and when you click on the link a virus, trojan or worm is automatically downloaded and installed on your computer.

My favorite way and one of the easiest way to see if something is true that I read on the internet is a website called  If you haven't heard of this website or seen my opinion it is the only thing you can believe on the internet - besides my blog of course.  I promise never to deceive you and you can always expect honesty!

So please before you share a story or image on a social media site, take a moment to confirm its true.


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