Friday, March 7, 2014

Service You Can Count On, From People You Can Trust!


Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc. strives to provide exceptional customer service. More and more companies are utilizing social media to interact with customers. We have also entered the digital age and have a Facebook page, a Google +  page for Oneida, Madison & Norwich offices, a Twitter, a mobile friendly and completely redesigned website

 In the past if you wanted to complain to Coca Cola, for example, you would have to write a letter or call an 800 number.  Those options are most likely still available, but now you can directly interact with a business on Facebook timeline.  

This is a double edged sword you want to be sure you are providing the best product and best service so that the negative feedback is minimum.  It is very important that if you do receive negative feedback that you respond to the comment as well.  For more information about negative impacts of utilizing social media check out my blog: The Dark Side To Using Social Media.

The good news is when you have customers interacting with your product even when they are not using it you have created a customer base more loyal than others. Surprisingly, in the insurance industry price isn't always why people switch - it is mostly service related.

Check out the infographic below I found from 2012 on Social Customer Service.

Of course, if you are longing for exceptional customer service, request a free quote.  We are striving to provide a WOW experience to every customer!


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