Monday, March 24, 2014

DIY Spring Home & Lawn Maintenance

I read today that 8 is the number of average days in March for our area that the temperature gets above 50 degrees.  This year that number is 0.  I am convinced that warmer temperatures are headed our way!  Soon!!  

So today, in anticipation of the warmer temperatures, lets talk spring home maintenance tips:

  1. Check your gutters & Clear downspouts: Clean out leaves and other debris and direct water away from the house.
  2. Inspect Roof Shingles: Check for discoloration and curling edges on shingles
  3. Check Attic for leaks:  If you have an attic, inspect underside of your roof, look for discoloration, which may indicated a leak that has dried up.
  4. Inspect foundation for cracks:  Seal them or call a contractor for assistance.
  5. Inspect Deck: Inspect wood for discoloration, sharp edges, railings and stairs.  Consider resealing if any are present.
  6. Check Air Conditioner unit: Make sure it is clear from leaves & debris, check hoses and be sure they are well connected.
  7. Check Basement for Water: Check basement walls, floor and trim for water stains or evidence of leaks.
  8. Check for water leaks: Around the bottom of hot water tank and check the shut off valves and main water valve.
  9. Replace Air Filter in your furnace & and keep a close eye on your sump pump to be sure it is in good working condition.

Here are some other DIY tips for Spring Lawn Maintenance too:


Happy Spring!


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  1. Morgan's avatar Morgan
    Very useful tips! When the spring come, I am always ordering lawn maintenance service ( because I can't handle the garden alone.
    Reply Sunday, May 28, 2017
  2. Bennet's avatar Bennet
    I also use the same lawn maintenance service because I don't have time.
    Reply Sunday, May 28, 2017

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