Friday, March 28, 2014

10 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do

Today many people have iPhones and for some of us they can be pretty complicated to learn all the unique features that they are capable of.  

I have an older version of the iPhone, and was very surprised to learn about some of these.  My phone doesn't have Siri, sadly, the personal assistant that the newer phones come automatically equipped with but there are some very cool features available if yours does and has IOS7.  I was still very happy to find out some of the other handy features - read on:

1) Change your passcode to letters instead of numbers: 

Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock.
Turn off the setting that says “Simple Passcode.” 
A screen will appear prompting you to change your passcode, along with a full QWERTY keyboard. The next time you unlock your phone, the keyboard will appear instead of just the number pad.

2) Have Siri yead your email out loud:

Tell Siri, “Read my email,” and she’ll oblige. You’ll hear the sender’s name, the date/time of the message, and the subject line.
You can also instruct her to “read my latest email” or ask, “Do I have email from [person]?”

3) See what time a text message was sent:

Just touch and drag message "bubbles" to the left

4) See what planes are overhead: 

Ask Siri, “What flights are above me?” or just say, “Planes overhead,” and she’ll pull up a chart featuring each plane’s flight number, its altitude, and its angle. (It takes about 30 seconds to pull up this data, so be patient!)

5) Shake your iPhone to delete text:

Did you change your mind about that text you just tapped in? Shake your phone, and an “Undo Typing” box will come up. If you change your mind after you’ve hit Undo, shake your phone again for a handy “Redo Typing” box.

6) See a more detailed view of your calendar:

Turn your phone horizontally when in your calendar app to see a more detailed view of your appointments.

7) Use your iPhone as a level:

Swipe left in the Compass app to access a level. Love this!

8) Take several photos at once:

Hold down the shutter button in your camera and you’ll automatically activate burst mode. Your phone will capture a ton of photos in rapid succession and save them to your camera: a great way to guarantee you’ll get a profile pic to your liking.

9) Take a more steady photo:

Instead of using the touch circle to snap your selfie, hit the “up” volume button. It lets you hold the phone — and camera — more steadily.  Or Use your earbuds and press the center of the headphone button when in the camera app to snap a pic. Also great for selfies!

10) Charge your iPhone fast:

Put your phone in airplane mode and it will charge super fast.

For more tips and images on the tips I listed above go to:


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