Monday, March 31, 2014

The #1 Thing You Need If Involved In An Auto Accident - And Aren't Provided!

Today one of my customers called and was involved in an auto accident on Saturday.  He was driving down the road and another driver pulled right out in front of him and he hit the other driver.  The police were notified, the other driver was ticketed and my client received the standard Accident Information Exchange Form. The police told my client it would take a couple of weeks before he would be able to get a copy of the accident report.

My client was not at fault so rather than put a claim in on his policy for the damage to his vehicle - it should go on the other drivers policy.  

The accident information exchange form gives us - what you think is all the information you need.  So I called the other drivers insurance company to submit the claim on their insurance.  I gave them their clients first & last name and middle initial, and the full address.  I even have their drivers license number, license plate number and the type of vehicle they were driving.

Everything I could possibly need right?   WRONG! - they were unable to pull it up by the information I had.  They need one  OF TWO very important pieces of information that is NOT on the information exchange form..... A POLICY NUMBER and a PHONE NUMBER! 

This is very important. I hope you are never involved in an accident but if you are please be sure to ask the other driver and/or the police officer for the following additional information:



Hopefully we will have this information on the accident report that will be available in a couple of weeks - but until then the damage to my insureds vehicle will remain damaged or he will have to pay for the repairs out of his pocket.

Also - if you are ever faced with a similar situation be sure to take photographs of the vehicle before any repairs are made.

If you have questions or need more information please feel free to contact me.




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