Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Teen Driving

Did you know now, and for the next few months, is the time of the year when teens are most likely to be seriously injured or killed in an automobile accident?  

Did you know that risk doubles if they have a passenger in the car with them?

We at Tanner Insurance Agency Inc, are a family owned and operated agency.  We all have children and most of us have teens.  We take teen driving seriously and want you to have all of the resources possible to keep your teen safe and educated about driving safely.

Distracted driving is now the #1 killer of teens.

Please visit our Research Center on our website where we offer valuable tips, techniques and resources for FREE - even if you are not our client - If you have a teen driver in the household or a teen that will drive soon - please feel free to utilize anything and everything we offer.

We even have a FREE contract that will be downloaded to your email address instantly - also FREE and there is NO obligation - again we just want your teen to be safe.

If you have questions about driver safety - especially among teens please contact us.


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