Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hail Damage: Personal Auto & Garage Keepers BEWARE

The other day I was at a local restaurant having lunch and two gentlemen drove in with their 1928 Ford !  It was beautiful.  We sat there in this small restaurant having lunch - the door was open and we all could easily see outside when we noticed it began to hail!  The two gentlemen jumped up out of their seats to go watch as their 'beauty' got hammered with dime size hail.  Luckily the truck was fine.  No damage and the hail passed in a matter of minutes.  It gave me the idea for my blog today.

First of all if you own an automobile no matter the make, model or value if you want hail damage to be covered on your personal auto policy you need to have comprehensive coverage.  If you have comprehensive coverage and your vehicle sustains damage by hailstorm, your auto policy will pay for the damage less any deductible.

If you own an auto repair shop, a car dealership, a body shop, or any business that services automobiles that belong to another you need comprehensive coverage too. If a customer vehicle is left in your care, custody and control you need coverage for customer autos and if you have garage owned vehicles you need coverage for those as well. Comprehensive & Collision coverage are optional coverages on a garage liability policy but a coverage we strongly recommend. 

If you don't have this coverage and have 3 customer vehicles parked outside overnight and a hailstorm blows through and damages those cars you will be held responsible for that damage.  If the vehicles are parked inside your locked facility overnight you might be saying oh I don't need that coverage.  Well what if a mechanic threw a couple of rags down and they spontaneously combusted overnight and caused a fire?  There is no coverage for the customer vehicles unless you have this coverage on your garage auto policy.  

We want you to think of us as the garage experts in the area.  Give us a call for a free review of your current insurance.  Even if your not our existing client.

If you still need convincing, here is a photo from -- featured on their Facebook site last week of actual hail in the Watertown, NY area!





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