Monday, June 2, 2014

5 of the Strangest Laws That Can Get You locked Up In The US

Ella M of recently sent me an email.  She let me know that she noticed our past blog on strange DMV laws.  She published an article on 5 of the Strangest Laws that can get you locked up in the US.  These are very strange and for the most bizarre reason you could be arrested!  I believe most of these laws have been on the books since the founding of the new world and just haven't ever been changed or removed. However, please beware...if you find a law enforcement official with a particular interest in history and the law...or should I say if he or she finds you - you could be arrested!

1) You can't take a bath without doctor's orders:  Unless you are ready to be arrested, you need a prescription from your doctor while in Colorado - not just for medical marijuana but for a bath too.  In Florida, you must keep your clothes on.  You can bathe once a month during the winter if you are in Lander, Wyoming if you are an adult, if you are a child - they are not legally allowed to take a bath in cold weather.

2) You can't tie an alligator to a fire hydrant:  I would love to know what inspired this law in Michigan - to prohibit alligators from being tied to fire hydrants! The law isn't as specific as it sounds - even if you have a pet tiger or lion rather than an alligator - you will still need to find somewhere else to leave it!

3) You can't carry an ice cream cone in your pocket: If you live in Lexington, KY - beware apparently it was necessary to outlaw carrying ice cream cones in your pocket!  So please stop and think before you decide to free up your hands. This isn't the only crazy desert law in the US:  In Ohio, there is a law prohibiting the eating of ice cream cones on Sundays.  Which is actually how ice cream sundae got its name - by hiding the ice cream under some inconspicuous fruit to get around the law!

4) You can't kiss a woman if you have a mustache:  If you are a man with a mustache in Eureka, Nevada - you have to get rid of it before you share a kiss with a woman or risk arrest.  Women risk similar problems with police in their romantic lives, since it is illegal for a woman to ask a man out over the phone in Tennessee, or to propose marriage to him in Whitesville, Delaware.

5) You can't have criminal intentions without telling the police: If you are driving across the US, planning your next crime, then you might be committing one already if you cross the state border into Washington. Driving across the border while harboring criminal intentions means that you are coming under the jurisdiction of a law that compels you to pull over when you enter the town where your crime will be committed, phone the chief of police, and tell them that you intend to commit a crime.  I wonder how many criminal masterminds actually fall for this?

Hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I did.. and thanks Ella M for compiling them.  Click her name to read more blogs from Ella!





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