Monday, June 9, 2014

Planning a Graduation Party Or A One Day Special Event?

It's that time of year!  Are you hosting a graduation party for your teen that is graduating from high school or maybe a party for your college grad?  Definitely are both reasons for celebration.  If you are having the party at your home you might think there is nothing to worry about.  Well, that is not necessarily the case.  

If you have a party at your home and someone is injured on your property your homeowner or renters insurance may pay to protect and defend you in a court of law and pay any claims - unless of course there is some exclusion that prohibits coverage.

The same would be true if you were renting space and asked your homeowner insurance agent or carrier to extend liability to that venue.  Liability is usually the least expensive coverage on the home or renters policy.  For a million dollars worth of protection it is usually less than $50.00 a year.

What you need to know is, that if there was an accident that happened and a claim was submitted on your home or renters policy.  That claim will negatively affect your insurance record for the the next 3-5 years.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding the event you also may risk cancellation or non renewal and perhaps will be unable to find insurance in the future.

You can have peace of mind however.  We can issue you a one day special event policy.  For parties at your home or away from home.  With or without alcohol. It will even provide coverage for you if you have to postpone the event because of weather.  Or perhaps the guest of honor is a service member and was deployed suddenly.  Read more about the things that a one day special event policy covers in our personal insurance section of our website.

These one day special event policies are very affordable.  Especially when you consider what they can save you.

So if you are planning a graduation party, family reunion, baby shower, wedding or some other one day special event give us a call for a FREE no obligation quote!


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