Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Is your garden hose still out?

Today is going to be a great day!  The weather report says a high of 82 degrees!  Wow!  What a great day to take care of a few last minute projects before the rain and cooler temperatures creep back in.  

Last week I mentioned wet leaves are slippery leaves and to try to keep sidewalk and driveway clear as much as possible.   The leaves can also wreak havoc on your house too.  Before you put that garden hose away, use the high power nozzle and clear off the leaves from the roof if necessary.  Leaves left on the roof will cause deterioration, mold and moss to grow.  After that project use the hose to clean out the gutters.  If the water can't drain properly it too will cause damage to your home.  In the winter ice dams will develop which could cause water damage on the interior of your home.

Please try to do the above suggestions from the ground.  If you decide to use a ladder be sure to read the instructions to be sure it is properly set up and footed.  If you *must* go on the roof - you should leave that to a professional and be sure proper fall protection like safety harnesses are used!

Here are a few more quick tips:




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