Wednesday, November 12, 2014

High Tech Home for a Low Price

If you have been wanted to take your home to the next level, technically speaking, now is your chance to do it for a pretty low price.  October 14, 2014 & Apple Stores released a new high tech lock mechanism for your home.  It's call August Smart Lock and it is in Apple Stores for $250.00.  The August Smart Lock replaces the standard dead bolt lock on your door with a wireless, smartphone controlled, electronic lock.  The device uses a small motor - operated by two AA batteries that are told to last a year, locks and unlocks the door with a tap of a screen of your iPhone or Android Phone.  The App also allows you dot distribute digital "keys" to family members or others who require entry to your home.  You can limit when and for how long the access works too.  For example, if a cable contractor is coming over you can allow him or her access between the ours on 1-4 on a specific date.  No more hiding keys!  It also has a couple of more really neat features - an auto unlock - when it senses your iPhone approaching it unlocks the door automatically for you and then another feature locks it automatically for you after 30 seconds.  What also is pretty neat is that it doesn't replace the lock mechanism completely - just on the inside of the door - the outside and lock itself remains unchanged..key still operates.  Here is a CNET review:


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