New York Apartment Owners Insurance

Your apartment building may represent one of your largest assets and needs specialized protection. We at Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc. have partnered with several excellent carriers to provide the right protection for your Apartment Building. Whether its a duplex, a mixed occupancy, or a multi-building apartment complex. The last thing you want to do is get a call in the middle of the night informing you your building has suffered a loss, but if you ever do, don't you want to be assured you did the very best to protect it before hand?? The Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc., specialists will work with you to identify the risks, and then take steps to customize your insurance program for the right protection.

Landlord Insurance Helps Your Tenants

It is the responsibility of tenants to obtain renters insurance which will give them, personally, protection in case of loss or damage to their belongings. In the above scenario, a renters policy would help each tenant to replace his or her personal belongings like clothing, furniture, and electronics. Their policy also provided liability protection for themselves personally but provides premise liability too. It is some extra protection for you if you are named as additional insured on their policy. However, your residents will also feel more confident in renting with you when they can be shown proof that you have taken all of the proper measures to insure the building in which they will be living. Don't risk losing potential business to other landlords; get informed and get covered with Rental Property Insurance.

Apartment Building Insurance Protects You And Your Company

While it isn't something that any of us like to think about, there is always a possibility of legal issues arising when you choose to become a landlord. Apartment Owners Insurance can help to give you peace of mind when it comes to that possibility. If you find that you need to seek legal assistance for an issue that comes up with a tenant, your insurance policy can help to cover those costs. For example, if an individual is injured while at your building, you may be responsible for covering medical costs. That individual may also make a decision to sue for further damages. Landlord Insurance will cover these costs, meaning that you won't be in jeopardy of losing your business, or worse, putting your personal assists on the line in the case of an emergency.

Natural Disasters And Other Emergencies Are A Very Real Threat, Anywhere In The Country

The threat of a fire in the building is one of the first things that probably comes to mind when you consider what could go wrong within an apartment building. With over a thousand fires in residential buildings each year, it is something that every landlord should be aware of and ready to face, should the time come. However, there are other natural disasters that also cause havoc in your building. Each region has its own climate and geography that makes it susceptible to various disasters from floods to tornadoes. Have you considered what your plan of action would be if your building became the victim of one of these disasters? Not only would you need to take care of your tenants, but you would also have your own personal well being to consider. Your income would obviously take a huge hit if you were left without rent checks coming in and with a pile of construction and clean up bills to pay. New York Rental Property Insurance exists for the very purpose of helping you through these tough situations. Don't risk finding yourself under a pile of bills that can't be paid. Purchase Apartment Building Insurance and rest easy, knowing that even in the worst case scenario, you'll be covered.

The Personal Attention You Need

Many of us choose to tackle our day to day list of tasks by sitting at a computer and typing in information. It's quick and easy and gets the job done so that we can get back to our everyday lives. However, there are times when you'll most likely prefer to speak to a human being, rather than receiving an automated bit of text in response to your question. At these times, you'll be thankful for the personal attention that comes with having Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc. on your team. We will provide the support and knowledge that can help you to get through nearly any insurance related issue that you may have. We'll be here for you from the very beginning.

Are you concerned about a specific issue and want to know if it will be covered on your policy? Just ask, we'll get you the answers you need. After receiving your policy, will you have a specific question about your coverage? The personal attention that you'll get from Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc. will make your Apartment Owners Insurance policy even more invaluable than it would be otherwise.

It's Easier And Less Expensive Than You May Think!

This is a common concern when it comes to purchasing Landlord Insurance. Whether it's Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, or in your case Rental Property Insurance, many people think that there will be a high price tag attached to the policy. However, we'll help to show you that's not the case. There are many options involved in putting together a policy and we'll work with you to create a customized plan that will work for your business as well as your wallet. The process is also much easier than you may think. Simply fill out the quote form at the top of this page or contact Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc. to get to work right away to prepare a no-risk quote for you.

We also have put together a FREE special report specifically designed for apartment building owners that has critical information that may have been withheld or completely overlooked regarding your current insurance and may be putting you at unnecessary risk.

Get your FREE report and learn important keys to profitability AND how to STAY CLEAR of violations of the FAIR HOUSING LAWS.

When you think about the protection that your Apartment Building Insurance policy will provide, can you afford not to have it? Make the choice to be a responsible and prepared landlord: request your quote today!