New York Auto Dealer Insurance

As an auto dealer, you will have quite a number of vehicles under your care at any one time. Vehicles are quite expensive and in case of any events, it may be quite a burden to repair or replace them. Well, as an auto dealership you want your business to keep on running no matter what may happen. You always want to keep selling cars even when your whole lot gets destroyed by some disasters or unforeseen happenings. Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc can help you get the protection you need, simply call us at 315-893-7790 or fill out the quote form above to start your no obligation quote for Auto Dealer Insurance.

Your car dealership deals with a lot of vehicles coming in and out every other day. Keeping track of insurance for each of the vehicles can be quite tedious and costly. The next best alternative is to insure for the entire fleet as a whole. This will help you save money on your insurance premiums and relieve you off the stress of having to insure vehicles individually.

Trust Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc For Your New York Car Dealership Protection

In order to get protection for the cars on your lot, you will need both property and casualty insurance. Let us take a deeper look at these two types of insurance.

Property and casualty insurance takes care of unforeseen incidences such as theft, accidents, floods, fires and so on. You can set liability limits in the insurance in order to make sure that in case of any accidents, the insurance company pays the full amount. It is important that you purchase the right kind of insurance for your car dealership since these policies have been specifically designed for the auto dealership industry and includes coverage exceeding that of other property and casualty insurance.

There are a number of things that are covered by your Car Dealer Insurance. These include:

  • Vehicles that are owned by your customers but are on your lot for upgrades and maintenance. This is in case something may happen to them while they are on your lot. You will be deemed responsible in case anything happens to the vehicles that are on your lot even if they belong to the customers and the insurance covers this. Take for instance a scenario where a customer leaves a vehicle at your dealership overnight for repairs. During the night, the vehicle catches fire and burns to ashes. Most definitely, the owner of the vehicle will demand another one and getting this amount from your savings can greatly impact your business. Doing this for a number of vehicles from your own pocket can even see you going out of business in no time at all.
  • Loaner vehicles are also covered by this policy as long as they are on your lot and they get damaged or even stolen.
  • Non-owned vehicles. These are vehicles listed on your system but have not yet been purchased. Technically, you own these vehicles and you need to ensure that they are covered in case they get stolen or damaged.
  • Vehicles that have been newly acquired but have not yet been registered in your system. These are the vehicles you are planning to incorporate into your car lot and during the period they are not yet registered in your system, you need to make sure that they have adequate insurance coverage.

New York Auto Dealer Insurance Coverage For Accidents

Just in case you were starting to think that you only need insurance for the vehicles on your lot, it is good to know that accidents when driving a lot vehicle outside the lot are covered for. Supposing your employee is taking a vehicle for a test drive after doing some repair and an accidents happens then, we have got you covered.

Accident insurance also extends to cover those that happen when a customer is driving a lot vehicle. Taking the vehicle for a test drive before purchasing it is a thing most people do. While they are driving the vehicle any number of things may happen and it is important to make sure your insurance policy covers this.

Your insurance should also cover any injuries that may occur in your dealership either to your employees or customers. Injuries can happen in events such as a repair mishap, fire or vandalism on the lot or even during an accident on a test drive. Having a Car Dealer Insurance policy that covers all this is necessary as you cannot foresee certain events happening even with protective measures and precautions in place.

No matter what size your car dealership is, it is important that you have it under insurance. This will not only help your business to go on even in case of a catastrophic event, but also protect you from some devastating lawsuits. Having the right type of coverage goes a long way in keeping your business safe and also gives you the peace of mind that no matter what may happen, your business will still keep on running and you will keep all the profit you make instead of spending it on lawsuits and damage control.

At Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc, we understand the importance of having an Car Dealer Insurance policy and as you can see, it is a necessary thing to have in your business. We have what it takes to have your auto dealership business covered and we are always ready to help you with any queries that you may have. You can request a free quote right away and see how it will benefit your business. The quote is non-obligatory so there is no reason to delay any further. Get yourself a free quote right away and get your car dealership under the right coverage.