New York Auto Repair Shop Insurance

An auto shop is always a beehive of activity as vehicles are repaired and reconstructed. There are always people working with machinery and one question that may be lingering in your mind is, "Is it necessary to insure all this?" Well, the answer would most definitely be a big yes! An auto shop should most definitely be insured given the risky nature of the business. There are always the possibilities of unexpected events happening involving the vehicles and personnel in the shop, most of which are out of your control. These events can be quite costly to you as the shop owner and it is absolutely necessary that you have it covered. Running an auto repair shop business without the right insurance policy is very risky and can land you in a lot of trouble from all directions.

When looking to purchase an Auto Body or Repair Shop Insurance policy, it is absolutely important that you know what exactly will be covered. This will help you peace of mind as you go about your business. With insurance, you are able to comfortably take care of the unfortunate events you had not foreseen leaving you to run your business as usual. Contact Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc to get your personalized Auto Repair Shop Insurance quote today, or simply fill out the form above to get your quote started!

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  1. Bodily Injury And Property Damage Insurance
    As we all know, an auto body & repair shop has a lot of activities going on, involving heavy machinery with a lot of moving parts. In such a situation, injuries may happen at any time either to the crew repairing the vehicles or the customers. In both cases, you are deemed to be responsible as the owner of the shop and as such, you will be required to take care of the medical bills for the injured persons. For anyone that is not insured, this will likely need you to dig deep into your profits in order to foot the cost of treatment. However, having Auto Shop Insurance will shield you from this cost meaning that all bills will be comfortably taken care of by the insurance company while you get to keep what you earn. This coverage also applies to the property damages that may happen as a result of auto body shop related operations.
  2. Garage Keepers Insurance
    This is a very important aspect of New York Auto Body Shop Insurance. The vehicles left in your shop may incur damage due to a variety of reasons that are beyond your control. When the damage does happen, the vehicle owner will be looking to you for reimbursement. Usually, this will be very costly to your business and can even lead to you going out of business if you did not have the appropriate insurance cover. It is absolutely necessary that your insurance policy has this coverage just in case vehicles left in the body shop overnight run into problems. Consider a situation where you have installed a new engine in a client's vehicle and it happens to catch fire while still in your auto repair shop. The client will ask to be reimbursed for both vehicle and defective engine. This is quite expensive and as a business owner, it can largely eat into your profits if you are not insured.
  3. Garage Owned Inventory Insurance
    As an auto shop business owner, you may have other vehicles for use in the business. These vehicles can be covered in your Auto Repair Shop Insurance policy, hence doing away with the need for duplicate insurance. This will not only save you time, but also relieve you of the load of having to think about multiple insurance policies and different companies.
  4. Owned Autos Insurance
    This provides protection for any claims that may arise out of ownership. These claims are not always budgeted for and can negatively impact your business so it is absolutely essential that you have adequate coverage.
  5. Hired Autos Insurance
    In case you or your employees rent or borrow a vehicle for use in the business, this coverage provides protection for it. You do not have to get yet another insurance policy for the vehicles you use on hire as they can all be covered under the same policy.
  6. Temporary Substitute Autos
    In the auto repair business, anything might happen at any time. For instance, your own vehicle may be disabled so you use another vehicle temporarily as a substitute. With the right insurance policy, you do not have to worry about what may happen to this vehicle as you are using it as it is all covered.
  7. Newly Acquired Autos
    This coverage provides protection for any new or additional vehicles you may acquire during the policy period.

As you can see from the coverage listed above, there are many aspects and situations to look at when it comes to Auto Shop Insurance. Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc has experts to provide you with the coverage that fits your business. As a result, we have provided you with protection in any situation imaginable. This coverage ensures that no matter what you do in your business, we have you covered. No longer do you need to worry about a damaged vehicle in your hands costing your business an arm and a leg. We have all the tiniest details covered and we will be there to your aid in times when you need us most.

Protect Your Business With The Right Auto Body Shop Insurance

It is absolutely essential that your auto repair shop is insured since there are a huge number of different things that may happen at any time. These events are most often out of our control and there is no way we can foresee them. However, insuring against them assures you of business continuity even when the worst comes to the worst. Having the right Central NY Auto Shop Insurance will also make customers more willing to work with you since they have the peace of mind that their vehicles are in the right hands.

If you're thinking insurance is a very costly experience, look at the situation where you are not insured and misfortunes happen. Almost certainly, you will be totally out of business. Alternatively, you can request a free quote from Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc. right away and weigh the costs for yourself. Given the importance of Auto Body Shop Insurance, it is important that you act right away and get the peace of mind you need to work well.