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You've worked hard to build and grow your business, countless hours and immeasurable effort. That's why you want superior coverage to keep it safe.

With the experts at Tanner Insurance Agency Inc. you can have peace of mind that your business is protected with superior policies and coverage specifically for NY Printers & Print Shops. We will provide a custom designed policy to protect your property, provide income protection, and include your individual liability needs.

To increase your comfort even more, we are your local experts in protecting NY Printers & Print Shops. We customize an affordable policy that bundles many essential coverages into one convenient policy for a significantly lower price than you would pay if you purchased them separately.

We understand that it can be difficult to select which insurance policies your commercial printer & print shop business really needs. You face high risks related to the equipment and machinery you use every single day. Orders can go wrong, accidents can happen, and equipment can wear down. On top of that, you are also exposed to risks most businesses face like damage to offices or worksites and loss of important materials or records. You can find a wealth of information circulating about the recommended coverages to select as an owner of a printer & print shop business when shopping for insurance, and we understand it can be an overwhelming process. Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc. has simplified the process for you by recommending several important insurance policies for the typical printer & print shop business, how the policies can cover your business in the event a loss occurs, and how we might be able to save you money on the recommended coverages.

Minimum Recommended Printer & Print Shop Insurance Coverages

At minimum, most printer & print shop businesses have a Business Owner's policy (BOP), which protects your business in much of the same way that a homeowner's policy does. Typically designed for smaller businesses, a BOP combines some of the most important coverages small business owners need, including Business General Liability, Business Property, and Business Income. If you are a small to midsized printer & print shop business with more complex needs that are not eligible under a BOP, a Commercial Package is also available. This offers general liability and property protection, along with broader coverage options and higher policy limits of protection.

Business General Liability Coverage:

Business Liability coverage helps protect your business from the cost of claims for damages caused by your employees, products and some services. It will also cover costs related to litigation and court fees if a client or third party files suit against you or your employees. If you have clients and/or suppliers visiting your premises, then you are required to take out liability coverage as part of your Printers' insurance policy. This will ensure, for example, that if a visitor to your premises falls and injures themselves, or a client's car is damaged while on your premises, your insurance company will investigate, respond to legal paperwork and pay the claim if appropriate.

Business Property Coverage:

Unexpected events such as fire and floods, storms, or vandalism can happen when you least expect it, and having property coverage could mean the difference between complete disaster and a minor interruption in your every-day business operations. As such, Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc. recommends that your property insurance not only protect against damage to your buildings and worksite furniture, but also your computers, machinery, tools and the other things essential to keep your printer & print shop business up and running. Ensuring that your contents, premises, machinery and supplies are covered allows you to work without worry.

Business Income or Interruption Coverage:

In addition to the Property and Liability coverages, a BOP may include Business Income or Interruption coverage. This helps pay bills and cover payroll if your printer & print shop business is interrupted because of property damage by and unexpected event. If, for example, a fire causes your business to close for a few days, you would want protection from your policy so that you can pay your rent and your payroll. This policy also helps you secure temporary alternative premises for operations while your claim is being process and worksites are restored.

Additional Printer & Print shop Insurance Coverages

Additional coverages tailored to your specific business needs are also available. For example, we understand that employees working with your printing machinery are always a risk. Employing staff in your Printing business can expose them to these risks, so Employers' Liability Coverage is necessary to protect you against any claims for compensation following an injury to an employee at work. You can also add Theft and Cyber Coverage to help your printer & print shop business recover if your operating systems become corrupted and/or secure data has been exposed. Another coverage, Errors and Omission Liability Coverage (E&O) can help pay for your defense and damages awarded from a negligence claim made against your business. Imagine if a customer sues because of a late delivered marketing material that made a client lose a sale. Or, say a client takes to court because you accidentally publish a flyer with the incorrect information. Whether you made design, delivery, or printing mistakes, failed to produce work agreed to on time, were negligent in the professional duties as a printer & print shop business, or delivered incomplete work, E&O Insurance covers many of your professional liabilities and may protect you from paying for legal fees, settlements, judgments, and other legal costs that come from a lawsuit.

Trust Tanner Insurance Agency For Your Printer & Print shop Business Insurance Needs

From paper sourcing to product distribution and mail fulfillment, engraving, lithographing, business forms and other capabilities, our experienced agents know there is much more to your business than just printing. Whether you work with digital, offset or relief equipment, our insurance coverage options can allow you as a business owner to focus on the production of quality materials for your clients with peace of mind knowing you have the appropriate protection in place for all facets of your business.

In addition, with most of our commercial policies you get:

  • A risk control specialist , who can help you to make your workplace safe for employees (customers, too)
  • Flexible payment plan options

Lastly, you get us, personal service from the experts at Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc. to help you figure out your needs, understand your policies and answer your questions.

Together, we will identify affordable, broad coverage that's conveniently packaged and customized just for you.

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