New York Restaurant Insurance

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If you own or manage a restaurant you've come to the right place to save money! And we understand the unique challenges and considerations you deal with everyday in the food service industry. We insure a full spectrum of restaurants from fine dining to family style restaurants, diners, seasonal ice cream stands, pizza shops even bars & taverns, etc. And we can place insurance from a long established business to a brand new start up.

Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc has the markets to place your Business Owners Liability & Property Insurance, the Workers Compensation, NY State DBL, Business Umbrella, Liquor Liability, if you need it to protect your business, we will shop for the best value for you!

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Protection For Your New York Restaurant

  1. Commercial Property Insurance
    This protects your Restaurant's entire property in case of an even such as a fire and other unfortunate events that may lead to your property getting damaged. In case you have any kind of mortgage for your business or equipment, this insurance policy is a must have.
  2. General Liability
    In order to avoid some pretty serious lawsuits from all directions, this policy is a must have. This Food Service Insurance policy provides protection for you in case somebody gets injured in your restaurant or gets sick after having a meal there. In case of such an event taking place, you will still be held responsible whether it was your fault they got injured or not. In case you are not insured, you will have to foot the bill for all such unfortunate events and this can really eat into your profits and savings. It can also lead to your business being closed down as a result of some pretty awful lawsuits.
  3. Liquor Liability
    Most state's require that all establishments that have a liquor license have a liquor liability coverage as part of the Restaurant Insurance. This important coverage in the event where a patron has had too many drinks and drives hurting themselves or others. In case you sell liquor in your establishment, this is one coverage you absolutely need to have. In case a patron drives under the influence after leaving your establishment and in the process ends up hurting someone else in an accident, you will be held responsible. This is something that you cannot foresee or even prevent and is completely out of your control. However, the fact that you will be held responsible needs you to have adequate protection just in case it happens. An accident caused by a drunk driver is a common scenario and covering all this from your profits can lead to you getting out of business very quickly. 
  4. Automobile Liability
    If your restaurant business has a company vehicle, this is a good coverage to have. Having a restaurant business that has vehicles needs to have this coverage in order to take care of any events that may happen causing damage to the vehicle or injuries to those driving it.  If you employees drive their own vehicles in the course of work for you - there is important protection you as a business owner need to have.  There may be a HUGE liability exposure if not properly protected with this coverage.  Simply having a commercial auto policy in place is not enough - call us today to find out if you have the protection you need!
  5. Workers Compensation
    A restaurant business involves employees working in conditions that expose them to one kind of risk or the other. Workplace injuries are common and in the event that they do happen, it is important to have their compensation taken care of as soon as possible. Digging into your pocket every time an employee gets injured at the workplace can rapidly deplete your savings so you should have it covered under the insurance. By law, you need to have some form of worker compensation and this coverage takes care of that for you.  We have many safety resources available that we offer in connection with writing these policies - FREE for you to use and implement.
  6. Unemployment Insurance
    This covers the employees who no longer work for you until they can find a new job. This takes care of their needs and allowances and they will be happy you were thoughtful to include this in the insurance plan. In situations when you need to trim down your workforce in order to ensure profitability, you need to ensure that the employees you let go are not left without an option. This coverage does exactly that for you and you will be glad you did.  Although the name implies it is an insurance - it works more like a payroll tax.  It is not a policy we write for you.  It is obtained through NYS and benefits are paid directly.  
  7. Life Insurance
    This is very important especially for you as a business owner. It will take care of your family in case anything happens to you so you are assured that their bills will be taken care of in case of an eventualities. Having life insurance coverage as part of the Food Service Insurance policy can also be used to satisfy your lender depending on your financing and mortgage.  We often times can add this benefit right to the NY statutory disability policy as well so that your employees can take advantage of this extra benefit.

For a restaurant, there are a number of other types of coverage you need in order to give you complete peace of mind and relieve you of the stress of having to think about the proper running of your business all the time. These include:

  1. Loss of Business Insurance
    In the unfortunate event that you lose sales through a certain cause, this policy can help you recover the loss of the restaurant business income. This way, your business still keeps on running even when you do not make as much sales as you usually do.
  2. Food Contamination Insurance
    Think of a situation where you lose power as a result of power lines and everything that was in your restaurant walk in cooler or freezer got spoiled. This loss can be taken care of by the policy which will replace the food. 
  3. Specific Peril Insurance
    General liability insurance is limited in terms of the disasters it can cover. Specific insurance is much wider and can cover things such as earthquakes, floods or even tsunamis. This is all covered and even when the worst comes to the worst, your business will still be able to recover in a short time.
  4. Employee dishonesty Unfortunately restaurant theft happens - in fact statistics show 75% of employees steal from their employers one way or the other, through food, cash, equipment or supplies.  This may happen gradually or all at once and can be costly.  The proper insurance policy can protect you from this loss.

Having a comprehensive Restaurant Insurance policy for your restaurant or diner is very important as it protects you from various damages and lawsuits that you may face. We want you to consider us your advisor.  If you have a question or need safety resources we can provide that for you.  You can request a free non-obligatory quote for your business right away and see how much it is going to benefit you. There is no time to waste since you cannot predict when certain events may happen so do it right away and have the peace of mind that you deserve. Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc can provide you the right insurance protection package, contact us today at 1-888-484-2467 or simply fill out the quote form at the top of this page to start your free New York Food Service or Restaurant Insurance quote.