New York Boat Insurance

Why Buy Sailboat Insurance?

If you own a boat in NY you know how short the boating season really is. Insurance companies recognize that and offer less expensive rates and policies for the boating season. That way you can keep your policy in effect all year long - so when its out of the water and parked you still have coverage if a tree falls on it, the garage collapses, or in the event of fire, vandalism, malicious mischief, or theft and more.

If you have a Homeowners or Renters Insurance policy liability and physical damage may be covered on that policy but there are size and use restrictions. The other important coverage that is missing when you just add the boat to your Homeowners Insurance is uninsured boaters protection. If you are in a boating accident and the other boat doesn't have liability insurance or adequate limits to pay for your bodily injury and property damage your Boat Insurance policy will make up the difference.

If you have spent any time in the water, be it a lake, river or ocean, you know what can happen, happens quickly.

At Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc., we will protect you, your boat and your passengers with the precise Sailboat Insurance needed for your vessel.

Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc. Your NY Boat Insurance Expert

As serene as the water appears is when a storm will rear up or another boat will lose an engine in the marina and collide into you.

A boating accident can ruin your peace of mind, finances and in the case of the poor people in the sad story above, it can take a life.

For the price of a few dollars a month, you will be protected against any calamity that occurs on the water or to your vessel.

At Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc. we have protected the residents of NY from boating accidents since 1984. We have offices in Madison, Norwich and Oneida NY. We know our area and the waters in it.

Complete the Sailboat Insurance Protection Savings Form right now, before that boat launches. Our insurance professionals will contact you with boat protection that will pay for itself in peace of mind as well as dollars and cents.