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Buying A Boat

So, you’ve decided to buy a boat. Congratulations! It’s a lifestyle choice that allows you to access more of the world than you’ve had access to before, considering 2/3 of the world is water. 

Deciding to buy a boat isn’t entirely a financial decision.  Before you go out and look at boats you must reflect upon why you want to get the boat. Do you want it for fishing? Lavish parties on the open water with your friends and family? Exciting water sports such as wakeboarding and waterskiing? Understanding the internal desires that have driven you toward buying a boat will help you figure out what type of boat is going to be best for your desired activities. Once you have determined its use - go out and try it out for a day. Head to a local marina and get a rental for a few hours. It may seem expensive but in the end, it’s going to save you a boat-load of money and frustration if it turns out boating isn’t for you. 

Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Do a little soul searching to figure out the reason you want a boat; this will help you determine what type is the right fit for you.
  • Do some personal research using the internet and then consult a professional at a boat dealership or repair shop to get their input as well.
  • Determine whether a new boat or a used boat is best for you.
  • New Boats are going to be fresh right out of the factory and will have a warranty, but will perhaps be significantly more expensive.
  • Used Boats will require the eye of a professional Marine Surveyor to help you determine if there are any immediate issues with the boat and help you determine if it’s worth the listed price.
  • Determine how much towing capacity your vehicle has and compare with the weight of boat & trailer.
  • Factor in where you’re going to store the boat both during the season and out of season.  Some towns aren’t as friendly as others when it comes to leaving them on your lawn.
  • Will you be able to trailer the boat in and out of the ramp at the lake?
    If not, purchasing a Slip from a marina could be the optimal option.
  • Once you find a boat you think you’d like to buy, make sure you take it out for a test drive first so you can see how it rides out on the open water.

You’ve found the boat of your dreams! Congratulations! Now make sure you register your boat with New York State and Call us to insure your boat!  Please also see our boat insurance page to find out more about the different types of policies and coverage available for boat owners.  

Lastly, be sure to learn the safety precautions required by New York State!  You can find a list of requirements at: .