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Things to Consider Before You Buy A Car In New York

Buying a car in New York sometimes leaves a lot of car owners wondering if the car they bought is actually worth the price. Before you buy a car, you want to be sure you are getting the best deal. You also want the process to be smooth and less stressful. Although you will get good car dealers in New York, you also want to do your homework and get prepared before you even visit the dealer's showroom, as this will increase your chances of having a remarkable car buying experience.

Remember that car buying is a major lifetime decision which you will be spending a whole lot on. Here are some things you need to know before buying a car in New York:

Define Your Car Budget

You want to narrow your search to a car that is within your budget. So carve out your car budget from the onset. Even when you are opting for an auto loan, you will also have to keep some extra cash aside for minor expenses like car insurance, registration fees, taxes, fuel, and maintenance.

If you are going for auto loans, this is the perfect time to go about it. There are several auto loan options available; from local auto dealers and lenders to online lending firms.

Whatever loan option you choose, remember to compare different quotes. Lenders have their unique lending requirements, so you will get a different quote from each lender.

Why Do You Need a Car?

This is a very critical question to answer before you visit the showroom. Do you need a car to travel to your office every day or you need a one to drop off your kid’s at a nearby school daily? In the case of the former, your focus should be on mileage and efficiency; while for the latter, a high-safety car is most ideal.

Before you buy a car, decide on the purpose of the car.

Do Your Homework - Thoroughly

A critical research will help you cut out the chances of having issues with your car after purchase. So, before you strike a deal with a car dealer, check out their reviews and read the views of other users about the particular car. You can also read magazines like Motor Trend, Automobile, Road and Track, etc. You may also seek opinions of relatives, colleagues and friends.

Registering Your Car in New York

Car registration in New York usually goes with a fee. But car registration at NY DMV requires the following documents:

  • Car ownership proof
  • Your Identity and Date of Birth proof
  • Filled E-Z Visit Form
  • NYS sales tax payment proof, exemption of purchase price
  • Sales tax payment proof
  • The original, copy or a fax of New York Insurance ID Card (FS-20)
  • Evidence of California Emissions Standards or an exemption

If you have these documents, you can now proceed to New York DMV to register your car. You may also choose to have a customized license number plate.

After registering your car, feel free to flaunt it.

Are you ready for the search for your dream car?

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