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Getting Married or Engaged

Insurance For and After the "Big Day"

Congratulations on your engagement! What a fabulous time in your life. We hope you cherish every moment.

Your Wedding Day should be all about you and your new life together. So, to help you to avoid any unnecessary concerns, here are some things to consider!

Usually there is lots of planning, time and money that goes into organizing and celebrating a wedding. Unfortunately sometimes people experience some unforeseen problems before, during and even after the event. We at Tanner Insurance Agency Inc are wedding experts!

We can discuss with you the many options you have to protect yourself and your future spouse and your investment in your future properly.

Regardless of where your rehearsal, wedding and reception is held we recommend Wedding Insurance. These policies are very inexpensive and offer important protection in the event of any delays, postponements, cancellations, key guests that can't attend at the last minute, the wedding gifts, photos and much more. You can read more information about these types of policies and what they cover by visiting our Wedding Insurance page.

If your wedding plans include a celebration at a restaurant, banquet hall or similar venue, it's important to check their insurance coverage. You will have a lot of guests and possibly some support staff on hand, so make sure they carry an adequate amount of liability insurance. This type of coverage can also be included on your wedding insurance policy. Also an additional limit is available for liquor liability very inexpensively.

If you get married in your home, on the other hand, let your qualified Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc representative check your homeowner's policy for what will or won't be covered. Wedding Insurance policies are also available in this situation.

Our experts will also walk you through what's known as Wedding or Special Event Coverage. You may be interested in these honeymoon and extra gift coverages.

We'll make sure you have a happy and worry free (regarding insurance, anyway) day!

Auto Insurance for a Married Couple

When you awaken as a married couple, you'll feel good but maybe not all that different. But in the minds of your insurance company you're seen as new and improved people.


Insurance company data shows married people are more responsible (Although insurers don't exactly know why).

As a result, you'll begin to experience the world of insurance discounts. In fact, you could see as much as a 25% drop in your auto insurance bill when you marry and combine your vehicles onto one policy.

And that's not all! You might be able to snag multi-vehicle, garaging, multi-policy and other discounts as well.

So, contact Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc. We'll help you not only get the best auto insurance coverage, we'll make sure you get the absolute best value you have coming to you and your spouse.

Renters Insurance & Homeowners Insurance for the Newly Married

While marital status is generally not used for pricing a renter's policy, the value of your possessions is. And that value might have just increased. Protect it!

Consider a renter's policy from a reputable insurer. The following will be protected when you do:

  • All of your possessions up to the policy limit (subject to a deductible)
  • Your liability in case your actions cause injury to someone else or their property

A homeowner's policy covers all of the above plus the home itself.

Valuables Coverage

Whether you're a renter or homeowner, you just got married so you probably received some gifts!

Did you get a fine china set, crystal or some precious gems for wedding presents? Did your aunt give you an antique on your big day? How about your engagement ring and wedding bands (The average wedding ring is $6,000)?

There is usually a limitation on most home or renters policies for valuables, furs, antiques, jewelry, guns, furs & collectibles against the peril of theft, misplacing or losing of items. It is a very good idea to schedule these types of items on your home or renters policies to be sure they are protected properly. It is very affordable to schedule these items especially when you look at the cost to replace.

Consult with the experts at Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc to learn how to value your special possessions. We can also suggest when and how to add this coverage to your policy.

In fact, Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc knows how to tailor your homeowner's or renter's coverage to all aspects of your new situation. We can discuss available discounts for things like smoke detectors, burglar alarms and multiple policies.

Protect Yourself with Umbrella Insurance

Newly married or not, in this litigious society you can still be held liable for a large settlement in a wide variety of unexpected situations. This could put the financial footing of your marriage at risk before you even get started.

An umbrella policy adds an extra layer of protection over and above your homeowner's and auto policies. Discuss this with your agent, and we'll explain how umbrella coverage works. We'll help you decide if it's right for you!

Life Insurance

Researching your new Life Insurance needs is very important at this phase in your life. We can help you sort out all of the options (which are many) and get you in the best life insurance situation for you, your new spouse and your family.

Six Factors - One Insurance Source

Insurance is an important part of your new life. So, you want Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc because we can provide the following benefits:

  • Knowledge of all insurance coverage including life, homeowners, auto, umbrella, and more
  • A consultative rather than a hard sell approach
  • A strong local presence in the New York market
  • Commitment to continuing insurance education
  • Our pledge to insure all of our customers with the best coverage at the best value

Call 1-888-484-2467 today for your newly married insurance needs. We'll help protect you for life!