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If you are moving into the the great state of New York then Welcome to New York! If you are moving to another State or Country it is good to check with an agent in the area that you are moving to as well. Every State is different and different insurance may apply.

Are You Renting A Moving Truck?

If you initialed and signed yes to the insurance questions on the rental form then you're covered. That's because you purchased optional damage waivers and supplemental insurance from the truck rental company.

It's good to check with your insurance agent, though. Some auto policies do automatically extend liability to the rental truck and physical damage by New York State Law.

Pursuant to N.Y. Ins. Law § 3440(a) (McKinney 2000) and N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 11, § 60-1.5 (1996) (Regulation 35-A), every motor vehicle liability insurance policy insuring less than five private passenger motor vehicles that are registered in New York shall provide a separate rental vehicle coverage for the insured's obligation for actual damage to, or loss of, a rental vehicle. Assuming the renter of the vehicle has a motor vehicle liability insurance policy, the rental vehicle coverage, which is a separate endorsement in such insurance policy, would be triggered in the event of a rental claim.

Again, just check with your agent to be sure.

Contact Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc for a thorough review of this situation. We will give you peace of mind about your insurance coverage.

How About My Stuff?

So now your belongings are on a truck preparing to be moved. If there is a fire you want to be sure your belongings are covered. Again it is best to check with your insurance agent to see if there would be coverage for your contents of your home or apartment while in transit. In most cases the answer is probably yes, but it does depend on whether you are moving to NY or from NY to a different State and/or Country. Erie Insurance is one of the companies that protect your property anywhere in the world. You may want to purchase a home or renters policy in the state you are relocating to as well prior to the move.

Now That You're Moved In, What About Insurance?

When you move to another state your auto and homeowners insurance will change. Insurance companies apply different rates to different states. Plus state laws may differ.

Auto Insurance

You can contact your current agent for a referral in your new state or find an agent on your own. But most likely, you'll need to get another Auto Insurance agent (unless your agent is licensed in your new state).

If you move within your state, report your change of address to your agent. Since where you live impacts the rates, it may make a difference in your insurance costs.

Homeowners Insurance

If you own a home, you'll have to keep your Homeowners Insurance in force until the house changes ownership.

For your new home you'll have to supply proof of insurance prior to purchase. Even if you rent, you may need to provide proof of renters insurance as part of the lease.

You might want to consider getting Umbrella Insurance as another layer of coverage in the event you're a victim of our litigious society. The umbrella coverage kicks in after your homeowner and or auto insurance policy liability limit is reached.

If your new home is part of an association, you might want to consider loss assessment coverage. This coverage pays for a loss the association might assess its homeowners for. (For example, if the association gets sued and the judgment is greater than the association's policy limits, they might ask the homeowners to kick in that overage.)

Finally, if you store belongings in a commercial storage unit, check your homeowners or renter's insurance to see if they're covered. If not, you may have to purchase a storage unit policy.

One Insurance Source

Talk with Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc if you're moving to the Central NY area. We'll make sure you get the right auto and homeowner's coverage for your new surroundings. As a leading independent agent, we have many highly rated insurance companies to choose from.

We will be able to obtain the best value and insurance coverage for your situation by making sure you receive all of your allowed premium discounts.