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State Awards $13.1 Million to Improve Water Quality and Conservation for New York Farms

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that $13.1 million has been awarded to fund 42 agricultural water quality conservation projects across New York State in mid-July, 2016. This funding will benefit 120 farms. The funding has been designated to the Soil and Water Conservation Districts in 25 counties throughout the State. The funding is earmarked to allow farmers to address water quality issues in watersheds classified as “priority.” It is expected that these projects will improve New York by preventing water pollution, reducing erosion and limit the amount of harmful sediments and other deposits in New York’s water system.


While announcing the program budget increase, Governor Cuomo stated: “Ensuring that New York’s waterways remain pristine is essential to the long-term viability of our booming agricultural industry. This funding will provide farmers with the resources they need to protect our treasured waters and surrounding communities, and foster sound environmental stewardship while supporting more than 120 farms across the state.”

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Small Business Owners Ask “Do I Really Need Insurance?”

Small business owners often struggle with the costs of insurance premiums. After all, small businesses frequently wrestle with the budget required to start and operate their business. Some small business owners think of insurance as an expensive necessity, sort of like a tax.

Despite the perception of some, business insurance is essential for all businesses because it protects the risk embarked upon by the business owner. Every entrepreneur is a risk-taker that faces innumerable challenges every day. Insurance improves the odds that the owner will face crippling losses due to fires, accidents, theft or other unforeseen events beyond the business owner’s control.

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Top 10 Boating Safety Guidelines

Summer is here and for many families that means fun times on the water. No matter how much experience you have boating, it’s always a good idea for everyone to review boating safety rules before leaving the dock. Here are 10 boating safety tips to help everyone enjoy a relaxing, safe boating experience.
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What Type of Insurance Do You Need for Your Restaurant?

Selecting the right type of insurance for your restaurant business is vitally important. You do not want to skimp on having enough protection for your restaurant. Insurance can protect you from many problems such as liability claims and broken equipment. States may require certain restaurant insurance; your bank and mortgage loans may require certain types of insurance as well.

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Are Co-ops Beneficial for Farmers?

Co-operatives (co-ops) are businesses that are owned and ran by its members. Co-ops can be distinguished from other types of businesses because they are member-owned and their singular purpose is to benefit the members. Co-ops are a recognized type of business under State law. Advantages of Agricultural Co-ops There are a myriad of reasons co-ops have become a popular form of organization. These include: ·         Stronger bargaining power in the marketplace ·         Strengthened access to competitive markets ·         Ability to capitalize on new market opportunities ·         Competitive pricing for needed products and services ·         Increased access to revenue pipelines ·         Reduced costs ·  & ...
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Follow these tips to avoid a rejected auto insurance claim

When comparing and considering a New York auto insurance company, many prospective insurance customers wonder how simple it is to place to claims with selected insurers. This curiosity may result from past challenges in submitting claims or experiencing denied claims. Today, we aim to shed a new light on insurance claims and show you how to ensure that your claim will be paid. ·         How roadworthy is your vehicle? A car that has worn-out tires is more likely skid into oncoming vehicles or obstacles in poor weather. The onus is on you, the driver, to ensure that your car is in the best possible driving condition. If not, your auto insurer may not cover your losses. ·         Do you have a valid driver’s license? In most cases, only the claimant who is covered by their auto insurer will receive a payout in the case of an accident. But if that same claimant was a passenger in their own car, which was bein ...
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4 Tips for Success at Work

How is it possible to be successful at work? How do you impress upper management? And still have time to fulfil your personal goals? Whether you are a lawyer, an administrative clerk or a New York home insurance provider, the primary goal is the same: success. We’ve outlined the steps to workplace success below: Embrace Change – Change is all around us. Technology changes, processes change, and attitudes change constantly in the working environment. Only by being open to change will you open the path to success. If you are a manager or CEO at your company, enacting positive change will impact your entire team. Continuous Improvement – Stagnation is not only counterproductive, it’s stressful. Continuous learning (taking short courses, online studies, and internal company seminars) means that you are always improving your skillset, benefiting your organization and your potential future prospects. Become Indispensable – Are you the “go-to” individual at your comp ...
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Announcing Landmark Changes to New York’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

In a landmark judgment by various governors, New York’s almost century-old Alcoholic Beverage Control Law will be modernized to better suit retail sales, producers, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and cideries. With all that said, the new regulations will allow for three times the amount of new fully licensed liquor selling and the creation of new establishments.  According to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, one of the many state representatives who helped to bring the new law into effect, the new Alcoholic Beverage Control Law will “overhaul this state's archaic blue laws and will build upon these ongoing efforts by knocking down artificial barriers for restaurants and small businesses and helping this industry grow even stronger.” In essence, much of the legal red tape that prohibited businesses from selling alcohol will be removed. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie hopes that the law will “encourage new business development, inspire tourism and open the door for new ventures. ...
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How to Choose the Best Home Insurance in Central New York

If you see the words “home insurance” and your mind suddenly starts wondering, you’re not alone. Selecting home insurance in Central New York is an incredibly important yet complicated decision to make, and for many, deciding which type of home insurance coverage to acquire can be stressful. Here are helpful suggestions that will take the stress out of choosing the right home insurance coverage for you. Average Costs for Homeowner’s Insurance  The average annual cost for homeowner’s insurance in all of New York State is $1,130. (ValuePenguin, 2016)  There are, of course, hundreds of variables that are factored in to determine the cost of coverage, but keep these numbers in mind when receiving quotes. Factors that influence the price of your homeowner’s insurance include: • Crime rate in your area • House size • General condition of your home • Homeowner’s credit score • Previous claims Coverage Types  Guaranteed r ...
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Successful vs Unsuccessful People

Are you a successful person? If not, which traits do you require in order to become the most successful version of yourself? Those inquiring about insurance for Madison New York are individuals who want to protect themselves and their assets – this is one of the important traits forward-thinking people possess and a fine indicator for someone who plans to achieve in their life. With all of this in mind, we’ve located an excellent infographic that shows you what traits the most successful people have. Don’t be worried if you have some traits from the “unsuccessful” section as even the greatest business moguls (such as Steven Jobs and Warren Buffet) would occasionally be angry and unsure of which direction their business was headed in. Our advice is this: no-one is perfect and even billionaires who’ve built their business empires around solid investments would occasionally fear change and criticize others. Sadly, it is part of human nature to doubt ourselves. As long as mos ...
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