New York Farm Insurance

Farming is very challenging business indeed. Today's farms need more assets to operate than ever before, with more expensive equipment, and more acreage in a larger radius. These farms also have much more potential for liability. Liabilities such as farm trucks and tractors traveling on roads farther and farther from the farm, or conducting operations closer to residential areas which are crowding the farm land, such as spraying crops or spreading manure. These are all potentials for huge losses for your farm if something goes wrong. Losses that could cost the farm a lot of money, or maybe even put them out of business if they are not properly protected.

Why Do I Need Farm Insurance?

As a tool for risk management, Farm Owner's Insurance allows you to insure against losses that may occur due to unexpected events. While liability insurance for farms is similar to most general liability policies, the perils that it protects the farmer against are quite different. It is important to have an agent familiar who is experienced and understands the different challenges. 

There are three widely used forms of writing insurance, and these forms determine what coverage applied in your policy should you incur a loss. Here are some definitions and terms you may see in a farm insurance policy:

  • Basic- As the name states, this is the most basic form of coverage. It  also covers the least perils, so it is generally is the least expensive. Basic form coverage includes Fire, Lightening, Theft, and wind & hail. Some companies will include a little more in basic, but what is excluded can often be the cause of a loss. 
  • Broad- Broad form includes all the perils listed on the basic form, but adds in accidental discharge & leakage of water, freezing of pipes, and three other major causes of loss. These three are collapse, collapse due to the weight of ice & snow, and falling objects. For example, the biggest falling object on a farm is usually a silo. Silos can collapse and fall on a structure at any time, and will only be covered if you have at least broad form coverage on your buildings. 
  • Special- Last but certainly not least, special form coverage Insures you for all of the perils listed above and any other direct physical loss to the property, except what is specifically excluded. What things are excluded you ask? Generally, there are a few exclusions to these forms including war, acts of terrorism, and flood. 

You can have different forms on different structures and reading through any farm or insurance policy can be confusing.  We are the farm experts. We are happy to offer a free policy review.  Contact us and we will provide a free comprehensive review of your policy and let you know if there are any coverage gaps.


Insuring farms is at the roots of Tanner Insurance Agency. In 1982, Bruce Tanner started the agency only writing farms with only one insurance company. Then when Keith joined the agency in 1991, farms in Madison and Oneida counties are pretty much all he wrote for the first 3 years.  Now, Tanner Insurance Agency represents almost a dozen companies who specialize in Farms and Ag Businesses, and we write farms throughout New York State.

The point is we can handle your farm whether its a Dairy, Beef, Horse, Alpaca and is a commercial, family or Hobby Farm.  Tanner Insurance doesn't only insure farms, the owner also operates a 40 head beef and hay farm in Madison.  So Tanner Insurance Agency understands FARMS!! Call us today to schedule a no obligation visit.  And its not just about placing the policy, that's just the beginning. Farms need to be updated every year if not more often because of the changes that are constantly taking place everyday.

PS. We also have fantastic options for your Farm Auto and Truck insurance, whether its personal auto or commercial including Dump trucks!!! 

This peace of mind can be found through Farm Insurance. Contact Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc  to get more information about the farm Insurance policies we can provide for you. We are always ready to assist you in any way we can.  Simply fill out the quote form above or call us at 315-893-7790..